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Polar Bear® Panels Advantages

Polar Bear® insulated panels consist of a polyurethane foam core that is sandwiched between two sheets of 26 gauge white polyester enamel painted GA 90 steel. Some advantages that our panels offer are high insulation values, a tight building envelope, resistance to water vapor, and support for heavy loads and reduced construction costs.

Here is a short list of reasons why you should use Polar Bear® panels for your project:

High Quality

Each Polar Bear® polyurethane prefab panel undergoes strict quality testing to ensure you receive a product that performs to your expectations.

We also offer a variety of optionswith attractive finishes, so that your structure will be aesthetically appealing and functional.

Weather Resistant

Panelized construction can be a safer alternative to conventional framing. Our panels are certified to withstand a wide range of weather conditions including earthquakes and hurricanes.

Energy Efficient

Due to excellent insulating values of the inner core, Polar Bear® panels keep energy in and deter infiltration by air and moisture. This is why our panels are often used to construct cold storage facilities and scientific laboratories where temperature, humidity and light must maintain precise design specifications.

Low Cost

Our panelized designs are built in a factory and arrive at the construction site ready for quick assembly. As a result, labor costs and construction schedules are greatly reduced. These efficiencies translate into big savings.

Quick Assembly

Each Polar Bear® Panel is produced in factory-controlled conditions, and then shipped complete to the construction site for final assembly. Nearly all of our structures can be built in a fraction of the time that is required by conventional framing.


  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Humidity Controlled environments
  • Agricultural Rooms
  • Non-Refrigerated Structures
Insultaed Panels Specifications

Walk-ins shall be constructed of prefab, precision-formed, modular panels designed for accurate, rapid field assembly. Walk-ins shall be test assembled at the factory. Walk-ins shall meet or exceed all E.I.S.A. requirements.

Drawings & Instructions

Each walk-in shall have a set of installation instructions and lay-out drawing. All panels shall have panel identification corresponding with the lay-out drawing to facilitate rapid and accurate field erection.

Panel Construction

Polar Bear® Box Walk in Cooler panels shall consist of inner and outer metal skins, a 4″ insulation core, and be equipped with cam-action locking devices. The locking devices shall be operable from inside the walk-in and a hex-shaped wrench shall be supplied. Press-fit plug buttons shall be provided to seal wrench holes after assembly is complete. Construction shall be as approved by the National Sanitation Foundation International and shall bear the NSF® Seal of Approval.

All panels shall be connected to one another by placing the insulation core of one panel into the core insulation of the adjacent panel. The resultant joint shall be sealed at both sides by double barreled NSF® approved gaskets. In order to avoid future swelling and mold formation, no wood shall be permitted in the manufacture of the panel profile.


When specified, walk-ins shall be divided into compartments by the use of panels that are constructed in accordance with the specifications for all panels.

Floor Screeds

Polar Bear® Box Walk in Coolers provides floor screeds for all floorless walk-ins. The screeds shall be vinyl, and have NSF® approved cove both inside and out. Screeds come in 10 foot length with 45 degree pre-cut corner sections for ease of installation.

Panel Finish

Metal finish of the panels shall be as follows:

All Polar Bear® Box Walk in Coolers come standard with NSF Approved White finish on the interior and exterior. If specific finish desired, combinations may be used (Interior or exterior walls, ceilings, and exterior floors).
  • 26 gauge stucco embossed Galvalume
  • 26 gauge bright stucco embosses galvanized steel
  • 26 gauge white stucco embossed galvanized steel
  • 24 gauge smooth stainless steel Interior floors (when specified)
  • 22 gauge smooth stainless steel
  • 20 gauge smooth galvanized steel (used for use with quarry tile application)


Polar Bear® Box Walk in Coolers offers Panel insulation in Foamed in Place Polyurethane that exceeds EISA Federal Energy standards now in force throughout the United States of America.

Freezers & Coolers

Polyurethane: All wall and ceiling insulation shall be 4″ thick, high quality, closed cell polyurethane with 2.6 lb. density. K factor of not more than .125 and an R factor of not less than 8 per inch, initial fresh R-32 minimum total wall R factor. Vapor transmission shall be less than 1 perm and foam core material must meet UL5 flame spread rating with average smoke rating less than 165. (UL723)

Passage Doors

(Standard door is 34″x76″; alternative sizes are available upon request).

Cooler Doors

Door shall be flush and offset mounted, positioned and hinted per drawings. Doors shall be provided with suitable sweep and magnetic gaskets. Door shall be provided with door closer, one pre-wired vapor proof light fixture, light switch with pilot light, dial thermometer, manual internal lock override, chrome plated can lift hinges, and chrome plated door latches with strike. Doors on outdoor walk-ins shall have weather protected light switch and door drip cap.

Freezer Doors

Freezer doors shall be identical to cooler doors, but with the addition of UL approved heater wire on all four sides. Freezer doors shall include a heated pressure relief port in the adjacent panel.

Door Options: Customer shall specify requirements for 3 hinges, view windows; locking bars, internal ramps, external ramps, and diamond tread plate. Optional Doors: Optional sliding and overhead doors are available; customer to specify.

Glass Doors

(When specified)
Glass door openings shall be provided as necessary for the doors being installed. Sill height shall be per customer specification. Wood framing of the opening shall be required to assist with the installation of the glass doors.

Rain Roof Package

(When specified)
(For use on walk-ins installed outside)(Specify whether walk-in is free standing or which wall is butted) A single-ply Dura-Last membrane roof shall be supplied to provide a water resistant covering of the ceiling panels. Membrane material shall be provided in one complete roll designed for the size of the walk-in. No welding of seams shall be required for installation.

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